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Hustler LM200 GrabMax Silage Grab Tractor Loader Attachment


Loader mounted silage grab for handling and loading loose feeds, silage or muck.

Hustler’s GrabMax range of silage grabs helps you to get the max from your operation, making for safe and efficient for handling loose feeds such as grass or maize silage or even manure. From the LM series of everyday farmer grabs to the ultra heavy duty LX series GrabMax has you covered for loaders, skid-steers, telehandlers, and shovel loaders.


4 Reasons to Choose GrabMax

1. Versatile

Extremely versatile GrabMax is perfect attachment for loading feed wagons whether it be bales, grass or maize silage. This can be even used for loading muck spreaders

2. Compact Design

Compact design ensures great visibility and a short load Centre so you can load more with each scoop. This compact design keeps the load close to the tractor reducing the load you put on the tractors front axle meaning you can lift and load more with less!

3. Unique clamp radius

Our unique clamping radius makes a near perfect clamp curve keeping a very clean face on your silage pit. This also enables you to effectively load and handle a wider range of material, including pit silage, round bales and manure!

4. Tough design

From the thick wall tube, to the fully enclosed back and reinforced conus collars, forged tines, tapered frame bushings, GrabMax is built for years of hassle-free service. We’re so confident in the strength that we can offer a market leading 4 year warranty!

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