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JAYLOR 5850HD TMR Twin Auger Feed Mixer - Feed 160 Cattle Per Load


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Rugged and reliable. This time-proven heavy duty 5850HD mixer is up for the rigours of the all-day use of commercial feeding operations. Process Two 5×6 or 4, 4×5 round bales per load (3,840 lbs/1,740 kg of hay equivalent). Compatible with full complement of advanced scale accessories, fed management software, remote controls and management. Feed up to 160 head of dairy cattle, or 200 beef cows, or 800 adult sheep/goats per load per day, (depending on ration composition of course). A popular upgrade allows the included DG500 scale to automatically upload as-fed results over cellular data to the DTM cloud where they can be compared to the target, and further optimized.