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The fastest growing zero-turn manufacturer on the planet

No holds barred, All American made, Bad Boy mowers are tough and exceptionally well engineered

Bad Boy zero-turn mowers are designed for residential owners – large gardens, lifestyle properties, hobby farms, and small acreages – and higher-end Bad Boys would suit commercial contractors, large acreages, and corporate groups as well.

And now, they’re coming down under

They Don't make em like this no more

Setting standards high is the driving force behind every mower Bad Boy manufactures. Bad Boy leads the industry in delivering innovation and powerful mowing performance to make sure their mowers meet the needs of mowing pros and demanding homeowners – just like you.

Laser-Focus on Quality

Every Mower is tested for quality control; Robot lasers and inspectors scan more than 120 points to ensure proper production.
If anything is off by as much as a millimeter, the mower is fixed right then and there

Maximising Man & Machine

Some 40 Welders per shift work alongside robot welders, capable of producing more than 500 machines every sing day. Bad Boy’s advanced laser cutters are capable of cutting out a complete mower deck in three minutes, and a frame in four

Technology Geeks

Between Bad Boy’s robotic laser cutters turning out almost 55,00Kg of flat sheet per day, and a deck bender making 225 decks per shift, more than 14,500 tonnes of steel are bent, cut and shaped per annum

Powder Coating

Day and night, Bad Boy runs two of the most sophisticated powder coat lines in Arkansas, fusing their iconic orange colour right into the steel, for durable, long lasting protection

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Bad Boy Zero-Turn Mowers in their natural habitat

“Aussies are gonna love Bad Boy mowers!”

”Virtually every part of a Bad Boy is welded and fabricated, never stamped. As for quality control, before each Bad Boy mower leaves the plant a 112-point factory inspection is carried out. The powder coat systems fuse the orange colour right into the steel, giving you durable, long-lasting protection”

”Whether you’re a contractor or property owner, there’s a model that’s perfect for the job”

Sal Galanti

PFG Australia Sales Manager

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