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Kanga Farm Equipment’s quality tractor implements are created based on invaluable data and feedback from almost four decades of operating in the Australian agricultural implement industry.

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 FROM $2,790

Rotary Cutters

Designed by Australians for Australian farmers and Australian conditions since 1983. Reliable, robust, and high performing, KANGA slashers and rotary cutters come with more standard inclusions and have few competitors.

KANGA JOEY Range Rotary Cutters are light-duty cutters for compact and subcompact tractors, 15 to 40hp.

The JOEY’s high-speed gearbox produces blade tip speeds superior to equivalent cutters, guaranteeing a high-quality, clean cut in a variety of field conditions.

It is ideal for fast, dependable mowing on smallholding farms where there are large areas of grass and bracken.

FROM $2,790


KANGA S Range Rotary Cutters are general-purpose implements designed for tough Australian conditions.

The hot dipped galvanized 3mm deck is fully reinforced underneath, creating a clean top design that reduces the collection of debris and water. Front and rear incorporated safety chains come standard, for maximum safety.

The lowered high tensile cutter bar allows a higher volume of material to be easily discharged producing fast, clean, dependable cutting in light scrub, regrowth and long grass.


Pasture Toppers

KANGA 3-Point Linkage Pasture Toppers are designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia. This topper has a category 2 and 3 compatible rigid tower that suits tractors 60 to 200hp.

In situations where there is extensive grazing, stock deteriorates the condition of pasture. Continuing to feed stock on rundown pasture results in a drop in condition and production. The best way to maintain quality, reduce the spread of weeds and increase yields is by regularly topping pasture.

The open back design of the Pasture Topper is fitted with a hydraulically controlled rear door. When the door is open the lowered Bisalloy oval disc rotors, powered by high-speed gearboxes, evenly discharge the cut material over a wide area.


Box Scrapers

KANGA Box Scrapers are ideal for ripping, levelling, finish grading, backfilling and general scraping and cleaning.

The box design holds a larger volume of material, compared to a traditional grader blade, providing the operator with more control moving material over distances.

The tines on the front of the box scraper are fully adjustable, either individually or as a set, to enable scarifying or soil ripping.


Grader Blades

KANGA LD Grader Blades are the next generation design for grading and scraping in Australia.

Designed for maximum versatility with simple manual adjustments the operator can move material side to side, offset the blade to grade in hard to reach areas and tilt the blade to grade a camber into a slope or road to aid water runoff.

The reinforced mouldboard involuted design enables more efficient and continuous cutting, mixing and rolling of material while the cutting edge is reversible to extend its lifespan.

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