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Daedong CK22 Full Filter Kit – Oil, Fuel, Air, HST & Hydraulic Filters


Daedong CK22 Full Filter Kit: Comprehensive Care for Your Tractor

Ensure the peak performance and longevity of your Daedong CK22 with our Full Filter Kit. This complete set includes oil, fuel, air, HST (hydrostatic transmission), and hydraulic filters, each specifically designed for the CK22 model.

Kit Components:

  • Engine Oil Filter: Keeps engine oil clean, essential for protecting your engine against wear.
  • Fuel Filter: Ensures a contaminant-free fuel supply, crucial for optimal engine performance and efficiency.
  • Air Filter: Maintains clean air intake, vital for engine health and to prevent power loss.
  • HST Filter: Protects your hydrostatic transmission system from debris, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Hydraulic Filter: Keeps hydraulic fluid free from impurities, critical for the efficient functioning of hydraulic systems.

Key Features:

  • Tailored to CK22 Specifications: Each filter in the kit is designed to meet the exact needs of the Daedong CK22, ensuring perfect fit and function.
  • High-Quality Filtration: Our filters are made from premium materials, providing superior filtration and long-lasting durability.
  • Easy Maintenance: This kit simplifies your tractor’s maintenance routine, offering all the necessary filters in one package.

With the Daedong CK22 Full Filter Kit, you’re equipped with everything needed to maintain your tractor’s key systems. This all-in-one solution is ideal for keeping your CK22 in top condition, ensuring it’s ready for any task.

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