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Genuine Kioti CK3010HST Full Service Filter Kit


Maintain Your Kioti CK3010 Tractor with Our Genuine Filter Kit!

Our Filter Kit is all about keeping your Kioti CK3010 tractor in prime working condition. Inside, you’ll find four essential filters:

  1. Engine Filter: Ensures your engine’s oil is clean, which is paramount to long term reliability
  2. Fuel Filter: Safeguard your engine from fuel impurities
  3. Air Filter: Keep your engine running smoothly by preventing dirt and debris from entering your cylinders.
  4. Hydraulic Filter: Ensure trouble-free hydraulic system operation.
  5. HST Filter: Ensure smooth HST operation.


Why choose our Filter Kit?

  • Genuine Filters: We provide genuine Kioti filters, crafted to precise standards for your CK3010 tractor, ensuring reliability and consistency.
  • Expertise: As the #1 Dealer in NSW for Kioti tractors, we bring unparalleled expertise and a commitment to quality to every product we offer.
  • Convenience: Our kit simplifies your maintenance process with everything you need in one package.
  • Reliability: Opting for our Filter Kit is a proactive choice, ensuring the long-term performance and longevity of your tractor.


Shipped Directly from Our Store: Our Filter Kit ships directly from our store, guaranteeing swift service and getting you back to work on your farm sooner.

Invest in your tractor’s maintenance by ordering our Filter Kit today. It’s the smart choice for keeping your Kioti CK3010 running smoothly, season after season.


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