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Genuine Kioti DK5810 Service Filter Kit – Air, Oil, Fuel & Hydraulic Filters


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Comprehensive Care with Precision Engineering

This kit is an essential collection of filters, combining convenience with the assurance of quality. Each filter is specifically engineered to work harmoniously with your DK5810’s systems, ensuring optimal performance and protection.


Kit Components and Their Benefits

  • Engine Oil Filter: This filter is crucial for maintaining clean engine oil, essential for the smooth operation and longevity of your tractor’s engine.
  • Fuel Filter: It plays a key role in keeping the fuel system free from contaminants, thus ensuring efficient fuel consumption and preventing engine malfunctions.
  • Air Filter: A clean air supply is vital for engine efficiency and performance; this filter excels in removing airborne particles, safeguarding engine health.
  • Hydraulic Filter: Protects the hydraulic system by filtering out impurities, ensuring reliable and efficient operation of hydraulic functions.


Why Opt for Genuine Kioti Filters?

Choosing this kit is an investment in your tractor’s future. It’s a commitment to maintaining your DK5810 with parts that are not just compatible, but perfectly suited for your tractor’s specific requirements