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HIMAC Eurohitch Hydraulic Post Hole Digger with 12″ Auger


HIMAC Eurohitch Hydraulic Post Hole Digger with 12″ Auger ( Also refered to as a Post Hole Borer)

We have put together a posthole digging package that’s hard to beat. It’s based on our most commonly requested configuration.

  • Himac AD2500 drive with hoses and standard 1/2″ Agricultural quick release couplings.
  • Himac Eurhitch mounting frame and carrier.
  • Himac 300mm (12″) Tungsten tipped heavy duty Auger.

This configuration is well suited on around 35hp up to 80hp tractors with Eurohitch loaders and a 3rd service hydraulic system.  300mm or 12″ Augers are used for the average hard wood strainer post and can be used to concrete steel posts in, but you will use a fair bit of concrete, which is good for holding the strainer but not so good on the hip pocket. We would normally recomend a 9″ (225mm) Auger for concreting in steel and treated pine posts.

This is a simple way to get started on those labour intensive fencing jobs.



More about HIMAC


Himac Post Hole Diggers (Auger Drives) deliver absolute power and precision to easily meet your drilling requirements – backed by three top level warranties.

Featuring a non-dislodgment shaft which locks into the auger drill’s housing, making it impossible for the drill to fall out or come loose.

High quality hoses and couplings make continual hooking and unhooking to your tractor easy on both the operator and on the attachment’s ridiculously long life cycle.


Himac Tungsten and Rock Augers work together seamlessly with our Tractor Post Hole Diggers, providing an unbreakable hole drilling combination to give you confidence when drilling.

The auger design provides a range of features for a cleaner drill and prevents loss of teeth when reversing out of the hole using its ‘Shock Lock’ system (Tungsten only).

With two different types of teeth for different applications and available in a range of sizes, Himac’s augers have you covered. Think Himac for reliable agricultural attachments that get the job done.


Other Options

Not included in this listing – Please contact us for pricing and availability of the following.

Auger options

We can also supply additional, optional Augers in the following sizes at extra cost, basically the bigger the size, the higher the price.

  • 100 mm (4”) diameter S4 Tungsten Auger
  • 150 mm (6”) diameter S4 Tungsten Auger
  • 225 mm (9”) diameter S4 Tungsten Auger
  • 250 mm (10”) diameter S4 Tungsten Auger
  • 300 mm (12”) diameter S4 Tungsten Auger
  • 350 mm (14”) diameter S4 Tungsten Auger
  • 400 mm (16”) diameter S4 Tungsten Auger
  • 450 mm (18”) diameter S4 Tungsten Auger
  • 500 mm (20”) diameter S4 Tungsten Auger
  • 600 mm (24”) diameter S4 Tungsten Auger
  • 750 mm (30”) diameter S4 Tungsten Auger
  • 900 mm (36”) diameter S4 Tungsten Auger

Optional hitches

We can supply the following hitches via special order – Prices vary depending on hitch type.

  • John Deere Q-latch
  • Challenge Aus
  • Euro – S5 (to suit AD5500MAX)
  • AMXE Euro – X Series Cradle (to suit ADX2000)
  • UN Skid Steer centre mount cradle – S4


LIFETIME warranty
Parts replacement against shaft dislodgement and any failure of the ‘Shock Lock’ teeth system

6 YEAR warranty
Planetary gearbox components

3 YEAR warranty
Hydraulic motor



$4,178.00 Inc GST

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