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Kanga KT200 3.0 – 3m 200hp Galvanised Pasture Topper



Kanga KT200 3.0 – 3m 200hp Galvanised Pasture Topper

(This topper is the 200hp model and requires 1000rpm PTO Speed)

KANGA 3-Point Linkage Pasture Toppers are designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia. This topper has a category 2 and 3 compatible
rigid tower that suits tractors 60 to 200hp.
In situations where there is extensive grazing, stock deteriorates the condition of pasture. Continuing to feed stock on rundown pasture
results in a drop in condition and production. The best way to maintain quality, reduce the spread of weeds and increase yields is by regularly
topping pasture.
The open back design of the Pasture Topper is fitted with a hydraulically controlled rear door. When the door is open the lowered Bisalloy oval
disc rotors, powered by high-speed gearboxes, evenly discharge the cut material over a wide area.


KANGA Pasture Topper Brochure