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Kanga MHD180 – 1.8m Heavy duty grader blade


Kanga MHD180 – 1.8m Heavy duty, grader blade

Suitable for tractors from 30 to 60hp the KANGA MHD Grader Blade has been engineered to perform a wide range of applications.
Their versatility makes them an excellent choice for levelling, finish grading and backfilling.
A tapered main beam provides the strength required to handle the adjustment this blade offers the operator; tilt (max. 24°), angle (max. 40°)
and offset (max. 45°). The main pivot points are greaseable while the adjustment pin holes are all reinforced.
The mouldboards involuted design enables more efficient and continuous cutting, mixing and rolling of material while the wings help keep
the material contained within the blade area.


KANGA MHD Range Grader Blade Brochure

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