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Genuine Kioti DK4810HST Service Filter Kit – Air, Fuel, Oil & Hydraulic Filters


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DK4810 Genuine Filter Kit: Complete Care for Your Tractor

The DK4810 Genuine Filter Kit is a full suite of essential filters, each specifically designed to keep your DK4810 tractor performing at its best. This comprehensive kit, featuring genuine parts directly from the manufacturer, includes engine, fuel, air, and hydraulic filters. Provided by JTP Machinery, NSW’s foremost Kioti dealer, this kit embodies our commitment to quality and ensures that your tractor receives the finest care.


All-Encompassing Maintenance Solution

With this kit, you have everything needed to maintain your DK4810’s critical systems. It’s the perfect blend of convenience and quality, ensuring each part of your tractor is protected with filters specifically designed for optimal performance.


Kit Contents and Advantages

  • Engine Oil Filter: This filter keeps your engine oil clean, crucial for protecting the engine from wear and prolonging its life.
  • Fuel Filter: Essential for maintaining a clean fuel system, it ensures efficient combustion and prevents potential engine damage.
  • Air Filter: Providing clean air to your engine, this filter is key to maintaining engine performance and preventing particulate damage.
  • Hydraulic Filter: It keeps your hydraulic fluid free from contaminants, vital for the smooth operation of your tractor’s hydraulic system.


Why Choose a Genuine Filter Kit?

Selecting this kit means equipping your tractor with components that are tailor-made for its specifications. This not only guarantees a perfect fit but also ensures that each filter functions at its best, delivering unparalleled protection and efficiency.