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Tractor PTO Safety Slip Clutch 8" (200 mm) 60 HP Slasher Flail Mower Post Hole


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Tractor PTO Safety Slip Clutch 8″ (200 mm) 60 HP Slasher Flail Mower Post Hole

  • 200 mm (8″) Diameter Part No. B3605

    1 3/8″ x 6 spline female / 1 3/8″ x 6 spline male.

  • Adjustment Guide

    Compress springs fully then back off 2 turns.

    Fine tune so that the clutch slips occasionally

    On 20 spline models, clutch retaining (clamp) bolts must be tightened to 150 ft/lbs

    To clamp clutch to shaft – LOOSE BOLTS = STRIPPED SPLINES.

    Once per year release springs completely and allow clutch to slip to polish pressure plate.

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