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SOLD- Used SAME SILVER 100.6 – 100hp 6 cylinder, Cab tractor with Loader !


Used SAME SILVER 100.6 with Sigma Grifone Loader fitted.

In very good working order and fitted with new sea suspension seat – 5488hrs

If you are chasing a big 100hp Cab tractor with a high torque 6 cylinder engine? Then this tractor will suit you!


Unleash Efficiency with the SAME Silver 100.6 Tractor

Looking for power, reliability, and versatility in your farming equipment? Look no further than the SAME Silver 100.6 tractor. Equipped with a robust SDF air-cooled 6-cylinder diesel engine delivering a solid 100 horsepower, this tractor is built to tackle your toughest tasks with ease.

Efficient Synchro Shuttle Transmission: Navigate fields with precision using the synchro shuttle transmission, featuring 5 synchro speeds and 3 ranges. With clutch engagement and a 2-speed power shift, enjoy smooth direction changes and optimal control for enhanced productivity.

Powerful Sigma Grifone Front End Loader: Experience unparalleled versatility with the Sigma Grifone front end loader attachment. Designed for durability and performance, this loader offers exceptional lifting capacity and precision, making it ideal for a wide range of agricultural applications.

Built to Last: Engineered for durability and longevity, the SAME Silver 100.6 is designed to withstand the rigors of daily farm work. With 3650 hours on the meter, this tractor has plenty of life left to offer.

Comfortable and Ergonomic Design: Experience comfort during long hours in the field with the SAME Silver 100.6’s ergonomic design and user-friendly controls. Focus on your work without sacrificing comfort or efficiency.


  • Engine: SDF air-cooled 6-cylinder diesel, 100 HP
  • Transmission: Synchro shuttle with clutch engagement, 5 synchro speeds, 3 ranges
  • Front End Loader: Sigma Grifone attachment for versatile applications
  • Other Features: [Include any additional features like cab, air conditioning, differential lock, etc., if available]

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your farming equipment with the SAME Silver 100.6 tractor. Unlock efficiency, reliability, and performance – all in one package.

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